CLORAL MOSAIC PRODUCTION STUDIOS Cloral Mosaic Production Studios is a professional audio recording, editing and sound mixing studio. We work with, and produce up-and-coming artists, recording their demo/album to help promote their work to music executives as well as to the public via media coverage and venue performances. We also provide direction and guidance with acquiring government assistance which assists new artists to fund their projects and achieve their vision with ease. PRODUCER: REAL GRATTON Real Gratton is a Berkley College certified Producer. An accomplished musician and songwriter, he uses his genius to assist and support anyone who requires his expertise to fulfil their desire and expectations, whether its recording their voice or their instrument. MARKETING DIRECTOR: RENNIE (DALE) RAMUITE Rennie’s marketing background stems from working with various charities managing and coordinating their events and galas. His close ties to the downtown community give him access to a multitude of contacts in the music industry. He is skilled in effective marketing to ensure any artist achieve the level of exposure they need for their project. We also provide the services of a reputable publicist, should the need arise. THE STUDIO FEATURES: Music software: Pro Tools HD and Sonar 8, with 32 inputs, supported with the latest Wave Audio Plug-ins. Voice Recording Microphone: Lawson A Tube microphone, giving the most accurate and best quality of your voice. Secondary voice Microphones: CADs C-300 and C-400. Instruments Microphones: AKG 535, SHURE Beta 57, SM57, SM58 plus a few AUDIO-Technica. Direct Boxes: Using only the best: “Radial JDI”. Drum microphones: A Full Beyer dynamics microphone set and a SUPERLUX DRK-A3C2 plus Beta 52S. Piano: Kurzweil Piano (88 notes). Guitar Bass: Studio Fender Jazz deluxe series and Bass amp Ashdown. Electric guitars: Gibson Les Paul Standard, Fender Stratocaster Plus and Fender Squier. Acoustic and Classical guitars: Epiphone FT-140 1978, Takamine EC 132 and Jasmine 1975. Guitar Amplifiers: Mesa Boogie F-30, Fender Silver face 1969 (30 watts) and Flextone (40 watts). Pre-amps: Millennia STT-1, HV-3C. Additional Pre-amps: Macky Onix 800R and Focusrite Octopre. VOCAL COACHES: CLOE BERNARD: Cloe, with years of classical training, sings in English, French and Italian and is the perfect musical coach. Her patience is calming and her knowledge extends way beyond vocal technique and style to help our clients overcome any own vocal issues and weaknesses they may have in order to expand and strengthen their vocal range. RENNIE (DALE) RAMUITE: Rennie brings with him years of experience both as a performer and a recording artist. His perfect ear for tone and pitch, combined with his infectious energy offers techniques and tips to help improve our clients with their singing and achieve their goals as a singer. STUDIO MUSICIANS: BERNARD d'ANJOU: Musicien chevroné de grand talent, Bernard vous invite sur son website www.myspace/bernarddanjou afin, d’en connaitre d’advantage sur sa carriere et activitées professionnelles. STEVE FELDMAN: A solid contemporary member of the Canadian music scene. Steve credits his exposure to the many masters of percussion for his versatility and energy driven style. ROSENDO LEON AROCHA JR. (Chendy): Born in Havana, Cuba, Chendy bagan playing music at the age of four. He began his professional career at the age of 18 playing and recoding with many famous Cuban bands and artists. In 1988, Chendy was given the opportunity to write the music for the Oscar-nominated Cuban documentary, Policlinico Miserable. In 1999, he migrated to Canada where he continued to play with Cuban and international artists and show including Jesse Cook, Ron Sexsmith, Amanda Martinez, Hilario Duran Big Band, Sultans of String (Juno nominated), Trio (Juno Award winner) and Alex Cuba Band (Juno Award winner). PAUL CARENZA:

Tel: (647) 444-4347